Nonlinear baseband reflectometry

Supported by presidental grant MK-1702.2004.8.

The way of influence on object and definitions of the nonlinearity characteristic allows to distinguish linear (breakages, short circuits, deformations of a transmission line) and nonlinear (mortgage devices and poor-quality, though also functioning, contacts) with одноврменной their localisation.

The classical reflectometry allows to locate discontinuities but without discerning linear and nonlinear discontinuities. As hidden listening devices are quite often established in places "natural" discontinuities, to define presence of these devices it is possible only in the presence of control рефлектограммы for a pure line. The aforementioned way allows to detect nonlinear discontinuities already at the first testing of a line.

There are devices (for example, the device for research of wire lines "Viewfinder") which allow to define presence nonlinear discontinuities in a line, but thus do not allow to receive any information on their arrangement in a line.

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The Example of Transmission Line, its Linear and Nonlinear Reflectogram

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